Product Traceability

Product traceability: Driving the construction sector forwards

At CCF, we take our responsibility as a leading partner to the construction industry seriously. That’s why we’re striving to be at the forefront of developing a scalable product tracing solution that works across our supply chain.

The CCF connection

We have taken the first steps towards offering our customers greater visibility on the journey products take from manufacture to site by trialling a new product traceability initiative. CCF has developed a process to provide a detailed ‘end to end’ report that tracks products from the manufacturer, at manufacturing batch level, through the distribution process and delivery to the goods-in location on a site. Utilising the unique GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) and linking up with the manufacturer’s batch code, CCF is able to pull together a bespoke report showing which batch was delivered and where it was delivered to.

Our trial programme

We have implemented our product traceability trial programme on a live project and we’re working with our supply chain partners - Kingspan and Berkeley Group - to operate a proof-of-concept trial at two sites operated by Berkeley Group and supported by CCF’s regional branches.

From there, we will roll out the trial to cover more products and more sites – learning and refining throughout to provide a solution that works for us, for our manufacturers, and for our customers all across the UK.