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Weber: Maintaining and protecting your render from the elements

20th Jun 2024

This helpful guide from Weber will teach you how to clean monocouche render and keep it looking good and remaining durable for years to come.

If properly maintained, render can deliver an attractive and durable finish for a property that will last for more than 20 years. Even though render requires little maintenance, it may occasionally need some attention.

1. When it’s not good to be green

Any organic growth on the surface will make your beautifully rendered home start to look uncared for. Whilst algae isn't harmful to render nor does it affect the performance, it is unsightly.

What you can do?

Gently remove any ivy, moss or other greenery using a brush, and then treat the entire wall with an algae biocide such as weber CL150. Watch Weber’s video for a step-by-step guide on how to remove algae from render.

Even if there’s no sign of growth on the building, it can be a good idea to give it an occasional wash with a render cleaner, which will kill a broad range of bacterial, fungal and algal species. This will prevent algae build-up before it becomes visible and keep the render looking fresh.

Render Cleaning

2. Spring cleaning

If you're looking to remove dirt or stains from your render, or if it's just looking a bit grubby, give the building a good wash using a pressure washer and a mild detergent. Take care to adjust the pressure washer to a fan action rather than a jet action as this could damage the render. There’s no exact rule as to how often you should washdown your render, it really depends on the building’s location and general streetscape — once a year or as often as necessary to keep it looking great.

Please note: Pressure washing is unsuitable for dry dash finishes.

3. Protect it

If it's a monocouche render you're cleaning, you can add an extra layer of defence with a hydrophobic coating. weberend protect is a water-repellent coating for protecting monocouche renders from water, dirt, oil and graffiti, cutting down on future maintenance whilst allowing the render to breathe. weberend protect offers long-lasting protection and can be applied by spray application or by brush or roller. Look at the difference a hydrophobic protection coating can offer

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