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Knauf Insulation's Heraklith®: A Name Synonymous with High Performance and Quality

12th Oct 2023

Heraklith® has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1908. Used by architects, engineers and construction companies, has become an integral and renowned part of the Knauf Group, offering exceptional thermal, fire fire safety and acoustic performance.


But what exactly is wood wool? Wood wool panels are crafted by combining wood shavings with water, cement, and lime. This recipe was invented in 1908 and has undergone continuous improvements over time. Wood wool panels excel in enhancing the acoustics of a space, while also providing thermal performance and fire safety when paired with a rock mineral wool core.

Heraklith® wood wool panels meet the stringent performance requirements for buildings. They contribute to creating safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing working and living environments. These panels offer several advantages:

  • Excellent thermal and acoustic performance, especially when combined with other insulations such as rock mineral wool.

  • Non-combustible with a Euroclass A2,s1-d0 reaction to fire classification.

  • Enhances the aesthetics of various spaces, including car parks and recreational areas.

  • Resistant to moisture and mildew.

  • Quick and easy installation.

The Heraklith® range includes Heraklith® A2 Decorative Panel and the Heraklith® Tektalan A2 SmartTec. The A2 Decorative Panel is a cement-bonded wood wool panel designed for acoustic performance and decorative finishes in walls and ceilings. It can be left exposed or plastered, depending on the design requirements. The Tektalan A2 SmartTec combines a cement-bonded wood wool panel with a rock mineral wool insulation core, offering superior thermal and sound absorption properties.

Heraklith® is a unique offering in the UK market, delivering not only thermal performance, fire safety, and sound absorption but also an aesthetically pleasing finish. With bevelled edges and a choice of natural tone or custom RAL colours, Heraklith® panels create a stylish and uniform look. With its commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, Heraklith® is transforming spaces worldwide, offering both functional and visually appealing solutions to your construction projects.