Improve your performance with gas-powered nailing

November 30th 2020

Offering increased power, less charging and more shots per second, all in a more compact and lighter tool, gas-powered nail guns are not the outdated technology they are sometimes perceived as.

Offering unmatched performance on site, PULSA gas-powered nail guns are reliable, user-oriented tools which get the job done quickly and accurately.

Gas-powered performance

Delivering up to 16% more power than a battery-powered alternative, PULSA tools perform with ease on a range of substrates including steel, concrete, brick and wood.
Guaranteeing 400% more shots between charges compared to a leading battery-powered brand, dryliners can fire 3,000 shots per charge using a gas nail gun like the Pulsa 800P+, rather than between 400 and 800 (Battery powered alternative guarantees 400, 600 or 800 shots per charge depending on the battery size) with equivalent battery-powered models.
There’s no delay between shots either firing almost twice the amount of fixings per second (PULSA nail guns fire two fixings per second, compared with an equivalent battery-only brand which fires 1.3 fixings per second).

Gas-powered usability

Without a larger battery and additional battery motor to weigh the tool down, PULSA gas-powered nail guns are up to 15% lighter than battery-powered alternatives.
No additional battery motor also means these guns benefit from a more evenly distributed weight, creating far less strain to the wrist and hand during operation.