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MyRockfon Loyalty Programme

15th Nov 2021

Over 500 suspended ceiling installers are enjoying free rewards with MyRockfon installers club. If you’re a ceiling fixer, MyRockfon brings tangible benefits to your business, AND it’s completely free to join.

MyRockfon Loyalty Programme

Some of the benefits of being a member include:

- Free merchandise ranging from sports gear to ping pong tables.

- Free PR: get your project in front of clients and contractors on the Rockfon website.

- Monthly competitions to win VIP experiences, tools or workwear.

- Get unique technical information and guides that aren’t available on Rockfon’s website.

- Regular special offers when you purchase certain products.

If you prefer, you can spend your points on a charitable donation.

Listening to installers’ feedback

Rockfon created the programme for lots of reasons, not least of which is to say ‘thank you’ to the fixers who install Rockfon products day-in, day-out. Listening to their feedback about product quality, ease of use, Rockfon’s service to them and other insights is also really invaluable.

One loud and clear message is that installers appreciate value-for-money above all else; Rockfon have listened and altered the value end of their range to offer all of the benefits of Rockfon tile and grid – smooth white surface, fully recyclable, easy to install – with acoustic properties built in for no extra cost.

Championing small businesses

SME’s are the lifeblood of the construction sector yet their hard graft often goes unnoticed. For every architectural masterpiece that makes the front page of Construction News, there are hundreds of shops, offices, restaurants and leisure etc facilities being built across GB and Ireland. MyRockfon celebrates that work in the MyRockfon Facebook group; installers send their project photos, their work gets seen by peers and Rockfon rewards them with points.

It reinforces the point that Rockfon products are not just for specialist acoustic projects like schools and hospitals, but for everyday projects, too.

To be eligible to join, MyRockfon members must regularly install suspended ceilings and be based in the UK or Ireland.

For more information on Rockfon’s latest loyalty programme, visit the MyRockfon website. Or to view some of Rockfon's selected products please click here.