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Improving product information with CCPI

12th Jan 2024

Our Managing Director, Catherine Gibson, recently spoke about the importance of correct product data and information at UK Construction Week, and this is something we’re passionate about – which is why we’re proud to be one of the first distributors to support the Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI).

As CCF sits at the centre of the supply chain, we play a crucial role in handling product information and we need to ensure we’re operating correctly under rapidly changing regulations. 

We're committed to helping to improve standards across the industry which is why we have committed to assessment by the CCPI and will be working towards achieving accreditation to the CCPI’s specific Merchants and Distributors Code. We expect to begin the verification process in early 2024.

So, what is CCPI? 

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This new scheme is designed to help drive higher standards when it comes to construction product information, with the ultimate aim of prioritising building safety. CCPI verifies manufacturers’ product information as being clear, accurate, unambiguous, up to date and accessible, so that customers can make informed purchasing decisions to ensure that the right products are installed. 

Signing up to support the CCPI for us will initially mean being verified against the new Merchant and Distributor code, and we will call on all of our suppliers to act in accordance with, and ideally gain verifications against, the manufacturers Code.  As part of our work with CCPI, we are expected to meet several obligations, including:

  • Ensuring we provide the very latest version of any product information to our customers

  • Not going off-script when passing product information onto our customers

  • Calling out any product information or use of product information that we think is out of date

  • Recognising the limits of our own competence and escalating questions that are beyond our level of knowledge

Jol Berg, head of technical at CCF said: “Accurate and consistent product information is fundamental to empower customers to make better buying decisions, drive better building safety and technical performance. We're committed to helping improve standards across the industry and one of the foundations of that is ensuring that we use product information accurately to help our customers and suppliers.”

Supporting the CCPI is just one of a number of actions we’re taking to ensure we’re able to operate in this world of ever-changing regulations, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of these.  

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