Fermacell Standard Gypsum Board

March 30th 2022

The Fermacell Standard Gypsum Board offers the robustness of blockwork with the speed of installing drywall. Saving you time, money, and space.

Fermacell Products

The boards come with all different benefits:

1.) Within the production of gypsum boards, Fermacell has 50% less embodied carbon compared to the average of 21 gypsum boards that it was compared to independently by consultancy firm Niras.

2.) Fermacell Standard Gypsum Board reduces layers both in relation to performance boards needed to meet fire/acoustic requirements.

3.) The boards are fire resistant for 60 minutes from a single layer of partition up to 10m high.

4.) They are impact resistant, which means there’s no need for double layering or using sheathing ply.

5.) Can be installed before the building is watertight, which has a positive impact on program time and allows other trades to start earlier meaning that you can keep on track with all of your upcoming projects.

6.) Once the boards are fitted, they have a rapid finish. Combined with using the Fermacell Fine Surface Treatment and Jointstick, you don’t need to plaster before painting and it gives the board an optimum finish.

Start using the Fermacell Standard Gypsum board on your upcoming projects to help you reduce carbon, reduce project time and reduce layers.

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Standard Board

Fine Surface Treatment