Breaking the Bias for Women in Construction

March 7th 2021

At CCF, we strive for inclusivity across all aspects of our business; this includes the celebration of our female colleagues and the bias they continue to break across our industry. In celebration of Women in Construction Week (6th - 12th March) and International Women’s Day (8th March), we caught up with a number of colleagues in various positions at CCF, who spoke on how they #BreakTheBias within their roles and the significance of this within our industry.

International Women’s Day CCF

Diversity and Inclusion is at the forefront of who we are as a business. Not only do we encourage a welcoming and family culture for all colleagues regardless of their gender or background, we aim to break the stereotypes often seen across the industry.

When asked how they continue to Break the Bias within their role, Janeeth Green, Head of Business Development at CCF told us:

“I knew that being the first woman appointed as a 'Head of' sales role within the business would give me the opportunity to truly understand any stereotypes or bias that there may have been in this industry and I have indeed faced a lot of unconscious bias as a female in this role. However, I consistently challenge these opinions; both consciously through questioning both individuals and statements directly and unconsciously through delivering in the role. My key goal is to challenge the perception that to be a successful sales leader, in a traditionally male dominated industry, you must be male. Hopefully, I can inspire other women to think the same.”

This message of breaking the stereotype as a female leader within a new role and the importance of celebrating women in our industry is further supported by Marie Burke, Branch Manager at CCF Edinburgh, who noted:

“I believe I have broken the bias in my role at CCF, not only through being a female leader with no previous construction industry experience but demonstrating my transferable skills in a new role. I hope by doing so I am able to empower and inspire others to do the same. It is very important to showcase women in construction to celebrate the success we have and attract future talent. We want to show our diversity within CCF and the amazing range of careers available for all.”

Emma Clowes, Assistant Branch Manager at CCF South Ruislip, noted that when she first started in her position she was doubting her own abilities. However, Emma stated:

“As a woman in the construction industry, and as a newly appointed Assistant Manager, my role has shown how strong a person I am becoming. It is important for businesses to highlight women in construction, to go against the stereotypes and women from all walks of life to be treated as equal.”

We also caught up with some of our male colleagues across the business such as Michael Coghlan, Business Development Manager, who spoke on the importance of diversity in the workplace:

“Having true diversity is key to the success of any business. CCF is setting the standard, with key positions in our business held by women, from senior roles right down to apprentices, we have a number of strong women changing the demographic of our industry. To continue this positive trend we must work together to reframe our industry and business, as a place welcome to all. A place where their voices can be heard, are needed and are vital to our continued success.”
Break The Bias CCF

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