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How Multi-Purpose fermacell ® Fibre Gypsum Board Can Provide Wall to Floor Solutions

October 30th 2020

For drylining contractors, specifiers and architects used to plasterboard and working with different drylining boards, it can be a challenge working across multiple systems to meet building requirements. This is why fermacell® fibre gypsum board has been designed to do it all. Read on to learn more about fermacell® fibre gypsum board and how it can be used to meet a variety of interior applications, for both residential and commercial projects, with ease and efficiency.

Walls, floors and ceilings
While conventional boards such as plasterboard often require different product variants to meet different applications, fermacell® fibre gypsum board can conveniently be installed across a breadth of walls, floors and ceilings. What’s more, fermacell® fibre gypsum board can also be used universally as a standard board, fire protection, sound insulation and moisture-proof board. This multi-purpose approach can really help to save time at every stage of construction, from design right through to installation.

Strong and space saving
Made with cellulose fibre sourced from recycled material, the highly durable and slimline boards offer strength and save space. In fact, a single 12.5mm layer offers a load bearing capacity up to 50kg per cavity fixing and 30kg per screw, all while taking up less valuable room space when compared to other thicker alternatives on the market.

Ease of Installation
Designed to be quick and easy to install without compromising on quality, contractors can trust fermacell® fibre gypsum board. Some of the key installation benefits include the fact that boards can be installed before the building is water tight, to enable ease and speed of fitting.

The boards can also be quickly finished with the use of fermacell® fibre gypsum board Fine Surface Treatment to prime walls ready to be decorated with wallpaper, paint or tile after just 45 minutes. This not only saves time on-site, but is also more cost-efficient as plastering isn’t necessary.

Overall, fermacell® fibre gypsum board systems offer the speed of drywall with the performance of blockwork, saving time, money and space. Standard size boards come in thicknesses from 10mm to 18mm and are available with both square and tapered edges. fermacell® systems also come with a 20-year impact warranty.