Why You Can’t Afford to Not Prioritise the Strength and Security of Buildings

October 1st 2020

Did you know that it can take just 15 seconds to breach a typical plasterboard wall? With this in mind, it is important for architects, specifiers and contractors to understand which construction products can help to secure vulnerable internal walls from possible intruder damage, as well as how to protect the external walls, floors, roofs and ceilings of a building.

Expamet Security Mesh has been designed to secure a building by providing added strength to protect against trespassers or intruders. Read on to learn more about Expamet Security Mesh and the four benefits of specifying and installing the product during the building process:

1. Increased security
For post offices, shops, banks, prisons and buildings that store high-value goods or valuable data, it is important to protect the building from the threat of internal and external breaches. It is also commonly used in walls between adjoining commercial and residential properties.
Expamet Security Mesh is a flattened and lightweight single sheet of steel with a small diamond profile that restricts the use of hand tools for cutting or damaging the structure of a wall, floor or ceiling. This approach to manufacturing the product meant there are no weaker welded joints for intruders to target. By layering the mesh between plasterboards and structural studs or joists during construction, the integrated strength of external and internal walls, floors, roofs and ceilings is increased.

2. Flexible solutions
Depending on the security rating desired, the rating level can be increased by adding numerous protective layers. For example, a stud wall lined with plywood, Expamet Security Mesh multiple times will deliver a higher security rating than a single layer. This allows building designers to flexibly upscale where needed to achieve the required security rating end-result. Galvanised raised meshes can also be used as a key for rendering when installed on masonry walls.

3. Easy installation
During the manufacturing process the mesh is flattened to produce a smooth and flat surface to work with, which allows for easier installation and fixing in drylining applications. Given how easy the mesh is to install, no specialist training is required to fit the product. To aid installation, a product data sheet is provided with details of how to install the product on-site.

4. Cost-effective
Insurance companies recognise the increased security levels that Expamet Security Mesh contributes towards. Therefore, the addition of security mesh could allow building owners to benefit from lower insurance premiums, saving them money year-on-year.

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