2-IN-1 Isover Metac Insulation

July 8, 2019

Increasing research has been conducted which shows evidence that long-term environmental noise can have a negative influence on people’s health and wellbeing; alongside an increasing focus on the noise we are subjected to at home.

In the latest Government National Noise Attitude Survey [1], it was discovered that 48% of British people felt that their home life was spoilt to some extent by noise. This was especially noticeable within high-density urban areas especially those that are subject to external noise from planes, trains and traffic, even noise from adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain and hail.

Isover's latest roof insulation product, Metac, now offers housebuilders the opportunity to create a well-insulated loft space, with added acoustic benefits, at no additional cost. It’s independent tests by the University of Salford has shown that when installed into a pitched roof at rafter level, Metac mineral wool insulation can provide a weighted external sound reduction of up to 49 dB (Rw)[2]. This is perfect for housebuilders who are looking to differentiate their offer and this cost effective, superior acoustic solution is therefore ideal.

With a thermal conductivity of 0.034W/mK, the Isover’s Metac roof insulation range offers housebuilders a cost effective glass mineral wool solution that enables housebuilders to meet a wide range of U-values, helping future occupiers to live more comfortably within their property, using less energy and reducing their household bills.

The range is also manufactured from up to 80% recycled glass and is non-combustible, achieving an A1 Euroclass fire rating, the best attainable. The benefits of the Metac roof insulation range don’t stop there, the rolls are also resilient, lightweight and easy to handle. They can be easily cut to size on site with very little wastage and the off-cuts can be re-used to fill other smaller gaps and spaces.

Isover carried out their own research on the mineral wool insulation and found that installers were routinely experiencing problems with finding roof insulation that is not only quick and easy to fit accurately between the pitched roof rafters but also minimises gaps and waste on site. Metac has managed to solve the problem with a wool insulation that its friction-fits between the rafters, without creating any air gaps or slumping.

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