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Zentia Ceilings

February 22nd 2021

At CCF we are proud to work with a range of innovative interior building product suppliers to provide our customers with the best range of products, advice and customer service. One such supplier is Zentia, formerly known as Armstrong Ceilings Solutions.

As a leading UK manufacturer of mineral fibre ceiling systems, Zentia is the new identity of Armstrong that CCF customers will come to know into 2021 and beyond. The new brand name represents the fresh direction of the business and a digital-first mindset, but the products themselves are not changing. CCF customers can therefore expect the same great quality and choice of ceiling systems as before.

What does a digital-first mindset mean?

CCF is working in partnership with Zentia to ensure that all customers can take advantage of Zentia’s ambition to be more agile, responsive and to evolve with the changing construction landscape. As part of this evolution, CCF customers can expect to see Zentia adopting new digital technologies to help support customers access product, technical information and project specific guidance - from acoustics and aesthetics through to comfort and thermal performance - with even more ease.

Proud to support this rebrand, CCF share the same innovative values as Zentia and the commitment to providing customers with high quality products and a completely customer focused service. From ceilings to drywall, insulation and all of your interior needs, CCF can be trusted to provide the products and the product knowledge that helps you win more business and finish every job on time and within budget.

Rachel Grundy, Category Manager at CCF, said: “Maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers is very important and allows CCF to offer the best products, support and advice to our customers. By working together with Zentia, we can pass on all the great benefits of its digital-first mindset, and excellent breadth of ceiling solutions, alongside CCF’s commitment to always be Completely Customer Focused.”