Green Homes Grant Must Be Backed by Strong Supply Chain

September 29th 2020

Following the £2 billion Green Homes Grant (GHG) scheme to upgrade the energy efficiency of homes across England, the provision of high-quality insulation building products will need to be guaranteed to meet demand.

Insulation is one of the three primary energy efficiency measures that homes must install one or more of in order to take advantage of the funding. The other primary options to consider are air source or ground source heat pumps, or solar thermal. When you consider the number of households eligible, this will require a strong supply chain to be able to meet demand for those products.

The overall applications for the scheme will run into the hundreds of thousands according to projections made by the Government. An estimated 600,000 households across the UK could be eligible for the GHG scheme and will be able to apply for grants up to £10,000. On top of this, a further £500 million of funding will also be delivered through local authorities, to improve the energy efficiency of low-income households.

In order to be ready, the construction supply chain must prepare. As one of the leading insulation and interior building products distributors in the UK, CCF is committing to preparing for a potential surge in demand for solid wall, under-floor, cavity wall and roof insulation. Having an ample supply of insulation available for approved GHG scheme contractors nationwide will help to keep projects running smoothly and avoid costly delays. We stock products from well-known manufacturer brands including, Actis, Celotex, Isover, Kingspan, Knauf Insulation, TLX and Weber.

The UK is heading towards a low-carbon future and effective insulation is central to achieving this ambition. Without adequate insulation, low-carbon heating technologies such as heat pumps will not work as well, which is a real concern for the UK’s existing housing stock. It is therefore important that we help as many households take advantage of the scheme as possible by providing insulation that will improve the efficiency of homes in England.

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