British Gypsum and Secured by Design – Lunch & Learn

23 September, 2019

In July, CCF were proud to host a Lunch & Learn event in association with Secured by Design and British Gypsum. The event, which was the latest in a series hosted by CCF, brought together customers, distributors, and manufacturers to improve awareness of specialist solutions.

The Lunch & Learn event was attended by CCF customers from across the South East Region. The aim was to understand the importance of materials used when building to a Secured by Design specification.

In addition to how the police are working with developers, architects, and companies, such as CCF, to improve the safety and security in homes across the country.

The event concluded with lunch and a networking opportunity for customers and colleagues. This was to understand the role everyone plays in Secured by Design.

Introduction to Secured by Design

Secured by Design was created in 1989 following the housing boom of the 1960s -1980s. Working alongside the police service in the UK brings together; the police, developers and local authority planners. Estates were often built quickly and cheaply without any basic security. This meant burglars found it relatively easy to enter buildings by lifting out the double glazing and climbing through the frame. Since 1989, there has been an overall reduction in property crime by 60%. Over 1 million homes have been built to Secured by Design standards. There are still a high number of specifications being designed to these standards in recent times.

Secured by Design approved partitions from British Gypsum

British Gypsum’s mission is to develop innovative products and services to help build better spaces. Developing separating wall solutions to meet the Secured by Design standard fits this ethos perfectly.


1. Gyproc SoundBloc F Plasterboard – A high-density core providing enhanced sound insulation and fire resistance.

2. Gyproc Habito®Plasterboard – With an engineered core, Habito® provides enhanced levels of strength, durability, and fixability.

3. Gypframe 60 | 70 ‘I’ Studs – These impact-resistant studs allow for increased partition height, without increasing partition width.

4. Isover Acoustic Partition Roll 1200 – A glass mineral wool providing high levels of acoustic insulation with an A1 Euroclass fire rating.

At the Lunch & Learn event, British Gypsum presented their three Secured by Design compliant partition wall solutions. These partitions are designed and fully tested to provide increased levels of fire, acoustic and security resistance. This is achieved by;

Introducing Gyproc Habito® Plasterboard as an inner layer to each side, providing increased security

Designing symmetrically to ensure attack resistance is equal on both sides of the partition

Exceeding the fire resistance regulations (60 minutes) after extensive testing, with fire resistance of 90 minutes with GypWall QUIET specification and 120 minutes with both GypWall QUIET IWL specifications

If you have any queries regarding the Britsh Gypsum range, contact your local CCF Branch.

For more information about Secured by Design, visit