CCF celebrates Pride month to further improve diversity and inclusion

June 8th 2021

This month, CCF and Travis Perkins Plc will be celebrating Pride Month and supporting colleagues to become brilliant allies. Colleagues will be using the month to educate themselves on what it means to become good allies to lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer or questioning (LGBTQ+) people and colleagues.

Pride 2021

This celebration is integral to the Group’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy - You Be You, It Makes Us Us - to help build a more diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone is welcome, feeling that they belong and are comfortable to be themselves. As part of this, we aim to ensure that everyone knows what it means to be an LGBTQ+ ally, and why it is an important part of creating an environment where LGBTQ+ colleagues and customers can feel safe and comfortable about who they are in and out of the workplace.

During Pride, colleagues will be invited to embrace the celebrations through active participation. One of the key activities is through an online module created by the LGBTQ+ community within Travis Perkins Plc. Those who feel comfortable will also be encouraged to add their pronouns to their email signatures, wear rainbow laces and pin badges as part of their uniform in branches, and dress brightly on Fridays throughout the month to show their support.

“Being an ally is about showing support for, and solidarity with our colleagues from the LGBTQ+ community, and celebrating the diversity of our fantastic business. It requires a curiosity about our colleagues, a desire to educate ourselves, and sometimes, the willingness to step in and stand up. An ally shouldn’t be prepared to leave unacceptable behaviour unchallenged. Fostering a work environment where our colleagues can be themselves without fear of discrimination and to feel included and supported is essential to enabling them to be happy and productive.

"We’ll be a better place to work and will be better able to understand and serve our customers’ needs if our business genuinely reflects the diversity of our society and our customer base. Visibly celebrating and respecting difference is a key part of allyship. It helps us to attract the best people to work with us irrespective of social or ethnic background, gender, sexuality, disability or any other individual characteristics and makes us a stronger, better business,” explained General Counsel & Company Secretary for Travis Perkins plc and a sponsor for the Group’s LGBTQ+ network, Robin Miller.

According to an LGBTQ+ rights charity Stonewall, more than a third are known to hide that they are LGBTQ+ at work for fear of discrimination. CCF and Travis Perkins Plc hope that through being brilliant allies, we can support LGBTQ+ colleagues by creating an inclusive and welcoming workplace for all.