Marcus' Story - CCF Apprenticeship

March 23rd 2016

Marcus successfully completed the CCF Management Apprenticeship Scheme and is now the Assistant Branch Manager in the recently opened CCF Gloucester branch.

“I was working as a sales consultant for an insurance company alongside working part time as a fitness consultant, I felt as though I had limited career prospects.

I found out about the Management Apprenticeship Scheme through the Travis Perkins website, I had no idea how large the Travis Perkins Group was before visiting the website, and the large array of opportunities they offered. The Scheme gave me the opportunity to gain a Level 3 Diploma in Management alongside a salary, while building a career within an industry leading company.

During my two years I was exposed to different roles within the branch involving: sales, warehouse operations, transportation and driving, whilst completing the professionally run course by the apprenticeship team. The board of directors takes a great interest in the work the apprentices do, and arrange for regular meetings and functions to aid career progression and scheme improvements.

I’ve developed as an individual during the scheme. My existing people skills improved through interaction with staff and customers, along with developing different techniques for managing people from different backgrounds and skill levels. Another improvement was my sales skills through extensive courses and day to day exposure to experienced staff. All these elements have been instrumental in my development and progression through the scheme.

Now I work as an Assistant Branch Manager for a new CCF branch in Gloucester. The role is engaging, challenging, and extremely rewarding. I have aspirations within 10-15 years to be a regional director, and beyond that who knows.

Without a doubt this is the best career move I could have made. CCF, alongside the Travis Perkins Group offers a real opportunity for progression if you’re willing to put the time and hard work in. Put an application form in and see the opportunities for yourself.”

Start a promising new career with Travis Perkins PLC and earn while you learn with our Management Apprenticeship Scheme. In 2016 Travis Perkins we’ll be taking on around 300 Apprentices.