CCF Introduces Safety Measures

August 12th 2020

CCF have adapted branches to employ social distancing and put safety measures in place to protect staff, customers and suppliers...

CCF Introduces Safety Measures

CCF have taken steps towards ensuring hygiene standards are kept high and that Government guidelines are adhered to both within the branch and at delivery destinations. Implementing solutions, including providing specific precautionary measures for drivers and erecting a glass screen at the trade counter to form a physical barrier, has provided customers with added peace of mind.

In order to further maintain good hygienic practice, CCF branches have been fitted with hand sanitising stations at every entrance, as well as floor markings to indicate one-way systems and social distancing. Furthermore, to steady the flow of customers to ensure crowds are avoided during peak times, the Click and Collect system is being used to manage how many customers are present within the branch at any one time.

Dan Morris, Branch Manager at CCF Glasgow, said: “Changes made to both the trade counter and office spaces within the branch have allowed us to continue to ensure our customers can access the products and support they need. This has enabled projects to run smoothly during these rather turbulent times.

“Keeping in contact with our customers throughout the past few months has been made easier through the use of technology. We have been able to communicate regularly with everyone despite not being able to physically meet. In some cases, this has even saved time for all involved due to cutting travel out of the equation.”

Michael Reeves, Branch Manager at CCF Liverpool, added: “The safety of our staff and customers is our top priority, so we have worked hard to put precautions in place to protect both employees and visitors to the branch.

“The introduction of the Click and Collect ordering process has allowed us to control the number of customers during opening hours. This has also enabled us to cut waiting times by removing sudden busy periods throughout the day, as the collection of orders can be spread out more evenly.”