Product Focus: ROCKFON Ceiling Tiles

Posted on March 31, 2017 by CCF



ROCKFON acoustic ceiling tiles and wall solutions are a fast and simple way to create beautiful, comfortable spaces for modern buildings and renovation projects. Made from stone wool, they are easy to install and durable. They protect people from noise and the spread of fire while making a constructive contribution towards a sustainable future.  Additional benefits include dimensional stability, even in up to 100% relative humidity, and a non-hygroscopic surface that provides no sustenance to harmful micro organisms such as mould, fungi and bacteria. Rockfon ceiling tiles are fully recyclable and our ceiling solutions add value to the construction process, by creating superior interior environments that also protect the external environment.

CCF’s partnership with ROCKFON enables customers to benefit from access to Rockfon’s wide range of tiles and expertise. Below, we have listed a range of ROCKFON products available at CCF with some key features and benefits:



Popular and affordable range of 15mm thick, smooth white tiles

- Affordable range of 15mm thick, smooth white tiles in semi-concealed and visible grid options

- Ideally suited for areas requiring minimum Class C sound absorption

- Good functionality for a variety of areas




ROCKFON® Tropic™

Entry level Class A sound absorption tile with a smooth surface

- Standard range of attractive, smooth white tiles in semi-concealed and visible grid options

- Entry level Class A sound absorption

- Good functionality for a variety of areas




ROCKFON® Blanka™

Our whitest ceiling tile ever with a unique and unbeatable combination of high performance properties, available in many edge details and sizes and backed up by Class A sound absorption

- Smooth, deep matt, super white surface with high light reflection and light diffusion, which contributes to energy savings and a bright and comfortable indoor environment

- ROCKFON Blanka’s non-directional surface reduces installation time and the anti-static surface withstands exposure to site dust

- The enhanced surface durability makes ROCKFON Blanka more resistant to dirt and everyday wear and tear, extending the product lifetime



Chicago Metallic® T24 Click 2890 & Chicago Metallic® T15 Click 2790 grids

- 15mm and 24mm universal main runner which accepts both click and hook cross tees with joggled ends for easy installation from a distance

- Helpful audible “click” for fast and accurate installations


- A strong and stable grid which can be easily demounted and remounted time and time again without causing damage



CASE STUDY – Morriston Hospital

Morriston Hospital in Swansea was recently a finalist at the Surface Design Show Awards for the installation of ROCKFON Eclipse islands to the impressive main atrium in the outpatients building. The recent £102M redevelopment at Morriston has re-shaped the way hospital services are delivered in South West Wales.  ROCKFON Eclipse islands are suspended in the atrium to provide sound absorption and patterns derived from fractured striated rock are printed on their surface to reflect the local landscape. The islands are suspended at different heights, angles and in different sizes to create a wave formation, floating in the centre of the space. ROCKFON MediCare Plus was also installed throughout the wards, treatment rooms, corridors and dental school rooms.  MediCare Plus fulfilled their hygiene requirements and complies with the Department of Health’s HBN and HTM guidelines. The white, water-repellent surface is resistant to bacteria and mould growth and can be effectively steam cleaned. ROCKFON MediCare Plus has obtained a Bacteriological Class B1 certification and does not contribute to the growth of MRSA.




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