CCF’s Third Party Accreditation Lunch and Learn

Posted on: 30th May 2018 by CCF




Following on from an Industry Expert Round Table event in December 2017, On Thursday 12th April we hosted our first Lunch & Learn event in Central London, on the topic of Passive Fire Protection and Third Party Accreditation.

The aim of the Lunch & Learn event was to engage with customers and to offer advice on the importance of Third Party Accreditation, with support from key suppliers; Rockwool, Promat and Tradeline alongside representation from the ASFP.

Meet the presenters:

ASFP – Tony Corcoran

Tony has been in the construction industry for more than 25 years in a variety of roles including Marketing and Product Development, previously being involved with the ASFP as a Chairman of the Marketing Task Group and subsequently stepping into his current role as ASFP Membership Officer in 2013. Tony’s role within the ASFP includes both the development and support of its members AND promoting best practice in Passive Fire Protection. Overall, the ASFP’s main goal is to increase knowledge, skills and expertise within the industry.

During the Lunch & Learn event, we discussed the main benefits of ASFP membership, including guidance & support throughout the specification chain and their recognition within the Passive Fire Protection industry. Whilst working with Government and international standard setting bodies both directly, and via other sector group associations, the ASFP endeavours to increase the quality of installed fire protection within all forms of construction whilst highlighting the importance of third party certificated passive fire protection products & installers.

Promat – Dave Oram & Neville White

Promat have been trading for over 60 years in the Passive Fire Protection industry.

Our first supplier presenter for the day was Dave Oram who has been in the construction industry for 30 years and working within Passive Fire Protection for over a decade.

Neville White who also attended from Promat has been within the Passive Fire Protection industry with Cape & Promat for 37 years.

The whole Promat range is third party accredited, tried and tested. As with all tested systems it is vital that products are not swapped out for alternatives as this can invalidate the tested system.

There has been a recent shift in the Passive Fire Protection market, due to the increase in certifications and product requirements, this further highlights the importance of using third party accredited products.

“We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t believe in the products”, Neville White.

Tradeline Valbarr – Joe McCormack

Joe presented on the newly launched Tradeline Valbarr Fire barrier system, a third party accredited lightweight flexible barrier for concealed voids.  

The key points that came up were; installation, testing, training and compliance. A key issue is that although an installer may have the correct products for a compliant system, correct installation is just as important.  If products are installed incorrectly this could lead to the system not working as expected and therefore not offering the fire performance that is expected and required. Therefore, encouraging the use of certified installers is really important to getting it right first time.

Tradeline also offer free product training to increase product knowledge and awareness within the industry, for more information please contact your local CCF branch. Tradeline also go one step further and can offer on-site inspections with a full compliance report.

Rockwool – Bob Westcombe

Bob has been in the industry for 25 years, and has been with Rockwool for 6 years in his current job role as UK Fire Protection Manager. His years of experience are a great asset to Rockwool, Bob originally trained in America, has been an associate BRE assessor and currently holds a position within the ASFP

The support offering from Rockwool includes tested solutions which are the third party accredited and if needed, come with technical support.

The Industry Guidance recommends method of best practise is to pair third party accredited products, with third party accredited installers under UKAS schemes – this is a good way to mitigate risk.

Installed fire stopping at site, cannot then be tested at site, unlike acoustic solutions, which can easily be tested before handover.

Relevant Rockwool Fire Protection products are generally all acoustically tested

However with recent events, there is now a seemingly bigger emphasis to get the Fire Protection right.

Recent developments in the industry have meant that the complexities of Fire Stopping are being looked at in far more detail, than it once was.

Rockwool have access to all of the testing data and calculations, relevant parts of this knowledge is being passed on through their Education schemes.

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