Rockfon Guest Blog – Grid Release


Posted on: 29th May 2018 by CCF



New grids, acoustic wall solutions and helpful installation videos from Rockfon




With our three new developments, we can provide you with more help and choice when it comes to specifying acoustic ceilings and wall panels.

The ultimate matt white grid

New Matt White 11 is our whitest grid. By diffusing light, its subtle textured surface helps drastically reduce reflections that are traditionally found with metal surfaces, helping to eliminate the contrast between the ceiling tile and grid. This creates an unobtrusive suspension system which is perfect for visible or semi-concealed installations.

The new matt white range is available in our well-established 15mm and 24mm Chicago Metallic™ grids along with matching W and L Profiles, creating an affordable yet elegant solution. It offers the high-performance characteristics you would expect from us including A1 reaction to fire and high corrosion resistance. It can be fully recycled after use.

Creative wall panel solutions

Two new fixing kits allow our popular Rockfon Eclipse® acoustic frameless islands to be quickly mounted vertically on the wall. The 15mm Direct option and 65mm Stepped solution allow you to easily mount the panels at different distances from the wall, creating eye-catching designs.  

Get creative and choose from standard or geometric shaped wall panels, then customise your colour to enhance your interior design. Suitable for new build and renovations, it’s a really great way to personalise your space and reduce reverberation at the same time.



Inspiring installation videos

We have recently released four new 3D installation videos to support our PDF System Descriptions. Each one offers a high level of visual guidance, where you can clearly see how to perfectly install our ceiling systems.

Rockfon® System Eclipse Island™: See how quick and easy it is to install our popular range of frameless acoustic islands.

To support our recent launch, the Rockfon® System Eclipse Wall™ video demonstrates the creative potential of our frameless acoustic wall panel and the benefits of its two fixing systems.

3D videos for Rockfon® System T24 X™ single layer and Rockfon® System T24 X™ double layer acoustic ceiling systems showcase every step of our high end, concealed acoustic solutions.

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