Promat SUPALUX® & MASTERBOARD® Installation Video


Posted on January 27, 2017 by CCF



The Promat SUPALUX® & MASTERBOARD® are fire rated boards that offer excellent moisture and fire resistant properties that can be used in a range of environments.


Below is an overview of Promat SUPALUX® & MASTERBOARD® products and a video on how to install them.




SUPALUX® is a  high performance fire protection board offering up to 240 minutes fire resistance. SUPALUX® board is made with a calcium silicate composition that offers improved moisture resistance, making it suitable for high temperature environments.




  • 30 – 240 minutes fire resistance dependant on application

  • 30 plus years proven performance

  • Moisture resistant

  • Non combustible

  • Enhanced fire protection

  • Multiple applications

  • Impact resistant

  • Easy to cut, shape and drill




  • Internal partitions

  • Ceilings, floors and roofs

  • External and internal walls

  • Structural steel

  • Service enclosures

  • Door upgrades

  • Boiler backers

  • Thatched roofs





MASTERBOARD® is a multi-purpose board that offers up to 30 minutes fire resistance with excellent moisture resistant properties. MASTERBOARD®  can be used on a range of applications and is suitable for areas of high humidity.




  • Up to 30 minutes fire resistance

  • Suitable for areas of high humidity

  • Multi-purpose internal and semi-exposed applications

  • Class 0 Building Regulations

  • Limited combustibility

  • BBA Certified




  • Partitions and Ceilings

  • Swimming pool ceilings and wall linings

  • Wall & roof linings

  • Soffit, porch or canopy linings

  • Service duct and pipe covers

  • Boiler and airing cupboard linings

  • Wet rooms



Promat SUPALUX® & MASTERBOARD® Installation Video


A step by step guide on how to install a Promat SUPALUX® & MASTERBOARD® product.



To find out how the SUPALUX® got on in our fireproof test demonstration video then click here.

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