Guest Blog ROCKWOOL – Fire Stopping solutions

Posted on November 1, 2016 by CCF




Rob Wakefield, Technical Fire Protection Manager at ROCKWOOL, outlines why contractors need to place careful consideration on the products used to insulate wall and floor voids.

As many contractors and ration of the design and potential fire risk in buildings is imperative. In particular, emphasis on fire containment to allow safe evacuation, reduce the risk of fire spread to other buildings, and enable access for fire fighters is of supreme importance when working on new or retrofit projects.

One of the main causes of widespread fire in buildings comes from fire and smoke travelling through voids concealed by floors, walls, ceilings and roofs. Fire safety standards, embodied in Building Regulations Part B Fire Safety and associated Approved Documents, are designed to ensure that adequate fire safety provisions are incorporated into the design of buildings.

The specification process for firestopping products of concealed spaces and voids is vital as any performance inadequacies cannot be identified until a fire is present. As part of the ROCKWOOL Fire Protection range, ROCKWOOL Ablative Coated Batt acts as an air seal barrier while maintaining the integrity of fire-resistant walls that are penetrated by voids due to the position of pipework and other services. The product is suitable to use with a range of pipes, including those made from stainless steel, cast iron, copper, PVC, ABS and more, as well as all sheathed cables up to 80mm and supported cable bundles up to 100mm. From a single thickness, ROCKWOOL Coated Batt reinstates the fire resistance and acoustic performances of concrete floors, masonry walls and drywall systems.



The ROCKWOOL firestopping ablative coating, combined with the integral fire performance of stone wool, slows the progress of a fire and has been tested against the dedicated fire resistance standard for penetration seals – EN 1366-3. Accordingly, a single 50mm Batt has been proven to provide up to two hours fire resistance integrity and has achieved EN 1366-3 certification. Where four hour integrity and insulation are required, we recommend the ROCKWOOL 60mm Coated Batt.

To help the UK construction sector find the appropriate solution to common firestopping applications, ROCKWOOL developed the ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® Solution Finder App. Free to download on iOS or Android devices, the multi-platform application is designed for specifiers of firestopping systems to test a wide range of applications and solutions for any individual project.  After guiding the user through a number of simple questions about the project in question, the app will present a fully tested firestopping solution via a 3D model, 2D CAD drawing and performance tables. All resources can be downloaded for use outside the app free of charge. The app provides solutions for sealing voids, penetrations and linear joints in a range of substrates, including drywall, concrete and masonry, in both horizontal and vertical applications.

For further information on ROCKWOOL’s firestopping capabilities, access the ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® brochure or visit