TLX Timber-Frame Wall Insulation

Posted on October 27, 2016 by CCF


Timber-Frame Wall Insulation


Timber-frame construction in the UK is based on factory-made structural elements. The timber-framed wall panels carry building loads to the foundations while the outer cladding provides decoration and weather protection. The construction method readily incorporates high levels of thermal insulation to conserve energy and cut heating costs. Timber framing offers designers plenty of flexibility over layout and external appearance. For cladding, the choice is wide: brick, stone or lightweight claddings such as timber boarding, tile hanging, or render.

TLX Silver Multifoil

TLX Silver Multifoil is fully-registered with both BBA Certification and CE marking.This multi-foil insulation is made from material that is ready to be used in a variety of roof and wall surface applications. TLX is a thin, flexible and tough material that be used in-between rafters to create; a room in the loft or general storage space. This tough multi-foil has been designed to reflect heat and air whilst creating a perfect insulation solution, ensuring a complete new warm space within your home. The TLX Multi-foil is only 30mm thick making it the perfect insulation to use when wanting to create new a space with limited working space. Due to its outer layer of metallised film and its polyester fibre wadding it achieves an air and vapour tight solution

Thermal Performance

TLX Silver has a thermal conductivity of of 0.91W/mK, however when used in conjunction with 150mm thick 0.035 Wm/mK mineral wool it can achieve 0.018W/mK.

Air / Water Vapour Resistance

Due to its outer layer of metallised film and its polyester fibre wadding TLX Silver achieves an air and vapour tight solution.

Meeting U-Values


Fully fill the stud with mineral wool and secure TLX Silver over the inner face with a 38mm batten


New build U = 0.18 W/m2K: 140mm 0.032 W/mK wool and TLX Silver

Refurb and extensions: U = 0.28 W/m2K with 90mm 0.040 W/mK wool and TLX Silver


With a reflective or standard breather membrane


Please note: The above u-value calculations are guidance notes only, provided by TLX, for further information please contact the TLX Technical Team on 01204 674730