Mapei Smoothing and Self Levelling Compounds

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Irrespective of the substrate in question, Mapei’s exclusive range of Mapei Smoothing and Self Levelling Compounds therefore ensure all flooring scenarios are covered.

When installing resilient floor coverings within British Standards, the floor requires a surface regularity of SR2. This means there is no more than a 5mm departure over a straight edged area of 2 meters (or 3mm if you wish to obtain SR1 standard). Failing to comply with these standards therefore mean that the flooring can look unsightly as undulations become highlighted. Generally speaking, sand and cement screeds will not achieve the constant floor required by British Standards. This is without the introduction of levelling compounds.


Latexplan Trade

Mapei’s Latexplan Trade has been established in the market for 10 years. It is considered a ‘must-have’ smoothing compound by installers. Latexplan Trade is ammonia and protein free. Suitable to use over most concrete substrates, Latexplan Trade can be applied prior to the application of a surface membrane in thicknesses of 3-10mm; making it not only easy to use, but cost effective as the compound is moisture tolerable.


Latexplan Trade has a very low odour ensuring it is suitable for use in confined and occupied areas such as schools, where floors are in constant use. The product was recently used  on more than 2,000m2 of floor space at Arnold Hill Academy, a school redevelopment.


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Latexplan Trade can be walked on after approx. 1 ½ – 2 hours and is ready for flooring after approx.  12 hours depending on the thickness and temperature.

When parts A and B of the product are mixed together, a coverage of approx. 6m2 at 3mm thickness is achieved.


Please click here to view the technical datasheet for Latexplan Trade


Ultraplan Renovation Screed 3240

Mapei Ultraplan Renovation Screed 3240 is a water-based fibre-reinforced smoothing and levelling compound benefiting from a high compressive strength. Ultraplan Renovation Screed is renowned for its ease of application while having a high quality finish. Also it has an application from 3mm up to 40mm in one coat.

The product was recently laid to level the differences in thicknesses. This was prior to the installation of floor tiles at luxury London apartments, Chelsea Creek.


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Application is by hand or pump. This is therefore suitable for use on new or existing concrete, screeds, ceramic tiles, old and new timber floors, parquet and plywood. A 25kg bag covers approx. 6m2 at 3mm thickness and is walkable in 4-5 hours.


Please click here to view the technical datasheet for Ultraplan Renovation Screed

Both Latexplan Trade and Ultraplan Renovation Screed 3240 are extremely low VOC Eco products with high compressive strengths; able to be installed in a variety of environments including hospitals, schools and airports; enabling professionals to achieve a smooth flat surface, therefore enhancing the high quality of the finished floor covering.


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