Kay Metzeler Flooring Insulation

Posted on October 27, 2016 by CCF




Solid floor insulation comes in two types:

- Above-the-concrete slab: The most common solution is suitable for use with

underfloor heating systems

- Below-the-concrete slab: Often specified for commercial applications with a heavy 

flow of footfall or machinery


Suspended floor insulation comes in two types:

- Over suspended concrete beams: Frequently used in new-build and residential dwelling

- Over suspended timber beams: Can be constructed to Robust Details


Kay-Cel Super Plus

Kay Metzeler’s Kay-Cel Super Plus is a premium product which has superior insulation properties including a range of solutions to both Part L and Part E building regulations.

Thermal performance

Kay-Cel Super Plus has has the lowest thermal conductivity of EPS products available (0.030 W/mK).

Moisture Resistance

Kay-Cel Super Plus is fully moisture resistant and can be used in conjunction with a vapour barrier to ensure air tightness.


Flooring Recommended U-Values

Insulation Over Concrete Floor Slab



Please note: The above u-value calculations are guidance notes only, provided by Kay Metzeler, for further information please contact the Kay Metzeler Technical Team on 01245 342104