The Importance of CCF Fleet & Safety Management

Posted on October 11, 2016 by CCF


CCF Fleet & Safety Management

As a leading distributor of insulation and interior products hence safety management plays a key role. It’s important to have a fully functioning national fleet of vehicles to service our customers.

When managing a large fleet. many factors are needed to be considered . These are the driver’s, vehicles and the overall safety of employees and customers.

Below is a summary of how CCF ensure safety management of its fleet.


- Over 300 vehicles are maintained to keep our vehicles and drivers safe on the road.

- Every 6 weeks vehicles and trailers are inspected and serviced.

- A proactive role in the Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety (CLOCS) programme. This works with other - organisations in the construction logistics industry. In conclusion revolutionise the management of work related road risk.

- Part of the Fleet. Is the Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), therefore encompasses all aspects of road safety, fuel efficiency, economical operations and vehicle emissions.  

- Have recently invested in Low Cab vehicles to the fleet. The Mercedes Econic trucks feature panoramic windscreens and low-level entry cabs. In addition provides improved views and eye contact at the critical nearside front of the vehicle.

- All new vehicles in the CCF fleet are fitted with vulnerable road user safety systems.


- All 300 employees are fully trained and qualified. In addition they have completed a national training program across all 40 branches for Safe Loading. A incredible of 550 hours of training delivered.

- Furthermore Drivers have completed a Safe Urban Driving course. This includes half a day on a bike to provide experience of being a vulnerable road user.


- Safety of our staff and customers is a key cornerstone of the business. As a result, CCF recently won the Gold award for safety at the RosPA awards.

- It’s our goal to make sure everyone goes home the same way they came to work

- Procedures and fully qualified trained staff help CCF employees and customers to remain safe while having a positive experience.


To find out more about our safety policy visit our website.