How better sound performance can affect comfort levels

Posted on October 11, 2016 by CCF



How better sound performance can affect comfort levels

Many of us will have experienced some sort of noise and sound performance issues within the home. Whether this is rowdy neighbours or kids playing loud music. The National Noise Attitude Survey, published in 2014 states: “54% of respondents are ‘bothered’ by neighbour noise, an increase from 37% in the 2000 survey, suggesting the problem is getting worse”.

Acoustic comfort in the home is dependent on the acoustic characteristics of the home. These are the acoustic transmission or absorption through separating and partition walls.

Following building regulations is a must. However sometimes this does not deliver the kind of acoustic benefits that the customer was after. When building or extending homes the areas where noise can arise need to be considered. It is possible for noise to transfer from room to room, or through separating walls, within a home. Whether this is neighbours arguing, children playing or dogs barking. This will cause noise to transfer between rooms and separating walls if a house is not insulated correctly.

Once you have worked out where the potential noise issues could be found. Here are some of the solutions Isover offers to help create a quiet home. Overall giving a better sound performance.

Reduction of noise between internal partition walls within the home

Absorbing materials, such as special plasterboard’s or mineral wool insulation, help reduce airborne and impact noises from inside homes.

Isover’s Acoustic Partition Roll provides great levels of sound reduction as it’s made from high performing glass mineral wool. It’s also straight forward to install, as the rolls push-fit between 600mm stud centres. If used alongside British Gypsum drywall and acoustic floor systems, it’s also covered by a SpecSure® Warranty . This gives a lifetime guarantee on performance.

The Isover Acoustic Partition Roll (APR 1200) product page, containing all product literature. This is found here.

Reduction of noise between separating walls with neighbours

There are a lot of positives to having good neighbours, however there are some catches. Hearing the neighbours doing DIY or partying can be frustrating. Given the potential  impact on quality of life from noise transfer between semi-detached or linked properties. It is important to install effective sound insulation in separating (party)walls.

Isover’s RD Party Wall Roll insulation is a high performing glass wool insulation. This is a key component within three Robust Detail constructions (E-WM-17, E-WM-20 and E-WM-24). If you follow the Robust Detail constructions to a tee , you’ll save both time and money. This able’s you to avoid both the pre-completion testing and the parge coat prior to dry-lining.

The Isover RD Party Wall Roll product page, containing all product literature. This is found here.

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