The Impact of Ceiling Tiles On Interior Aesthetics

Posted on August 1, 2016 by CCF


The Impact of Ceiling Tiles On Interior Aesthetics

In today’s world ceiling tiles have a big impact on the interior aesthetics of buildings. This plays a significant role in the creation of effective environments for work, relaxation and leisure. Ceilings cover as large of areas as floors. Also similarly, the aesthetics can spoil a modern and open-plan space if not considered in the specification process.

The impact of ceiling tiles on the overall aesthetics of an interior shouldn’t be underestimated. A clean, white, finely sanded tile can provide the ideal finishing touch to a modern and open plan space. We have seen over the past decade that the market for ceiling tiles has developed a wider choice of products. To allow to meet clients budget or specification with the range of products and finishes now available. This is becoming a valued and important aspect of interior design.

With many designs, costs and performance options to consider it’s important to choose the right ceiling solution. Cheaper options, usually fissured tiles, might be suitable for a room with low specification requirements such as a storage room. While opting for a higher quality tile can contribute to the aesthetics of the overall room and meeting acoustic and fire protection standards.


The majority of commercial specifications will include a requirement to meet legal fire protection standards and often have acoustic demands to match. After all, why install carefully planned partitioning and safety systems that meet regulations? Then opt for a ceiling system that does nothing to contribute to the sound absorption or fire ratings of the room?

With this in mind, ceiling tiles have become an integral part of a complete interiors solution. Especially when working to meet high quality aesthetics and acoustics. In addition the market has developed new types of ceiling grids. These help with a quick, simple and effective installation which is just as important to installers.

Suppliers to the interiors market are rising to the challenge with ceiling tiles and grids that cover the entire spectrum of budgets and project requirements. When choosing your supplier it’s important to consider reputation, reliability, quality, value, availability, and choice. As a distributor CCF offer a range of choice and solutions from leading brands such as Armstrong, Knauf, Rockfon and Sektor.

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