ROCKWOOL Guest Blog Achieve the Impossible – Silent Flat Roofs

Posted on June 21, 2016 by CCF



Flat Roofs

Tim Vincent, Head of Technical, at ROCKWOOL UK explains the acoustic issues affecting flat roofing. Also the insulation solutions available to help achieve an acoustically sound structure.

Flat Roofs are becoming more modern with open place living and tall ceilings proving aesthetically pleasing but not acoustically sound. As a result, there has been a sharp increase in noise issues. Also there have been complaints about flat roof structures and their poor build quality.

Rising Noise Pollution

Research commissioned by ROCKWOOL has revealed that the impact of noise is a significant problem. Across the UK there is more than 17.5 million Britons (38%) disturbed by environmental noise in the last two years. A mix of exterior airborne sounds such as road and aircraft traffic. Also the impact sounds such as rainfall, are more common in flat roof designs. This has resulted in an inevitable rise of noise within these buildings.

Therefore, the control of unwanted noise has become increasingly important. Especially in the design and construction of domestic and commercial buildings. Taking into account other noise repercussions occurring in a building’s structure. This includes reverberation, signal to noise ratio, flanking transmission and impact noise from rainfall or foot traffic. Careful acoustic design is essential to create a peaceful, quiet and a healthy living atmosphere.

ROCKWOOL Solutions

Whilst impossible to control rainfall, or stop transmitted sounds within a building. It is possible to reduce the noise pollution impacting the building. ROCKWOOL stonewool insulation is renowned for its excellent acoustic properties. The insulation’s open fibrous structure makes it ideal for absorbing and regulating noise. Lasting for a building’s lifetime. Designed specifically for use on flat roofs.

ROCKWOOL HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Recovery Board is a comprehensive sound, thermal and fire safe solution. This makes it ideal for both domestic and commercial projects.

With excellent acoustic properties, HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Recovery Board improves the sound  insulation performance of any existing or new flat roofs. However it offers a thermal conductivity of 0.039 W/mK. Also non-combustible and completely fire safe with an A1 Euroclass fire classification rating. HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Recovery Board is CE marked and compliant with BS EN 13162 requirements.

For built-up metal roofing systems with very high acoustic specifications, ROCKWOOL offers one of the highest solutions. The combination of HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Recovery Board and ROCKWOOL® Acoustic Infill will significantly improve the sound absorption. Especially on perforated metal roof decking constructions. Pre-cut to suit specific roof deck sizes, ROCKWOOL® Acoustic Infill delivers excellent a Class C sound absorption performance.

In addition to its acoustic qualities in absorbing and regulating noise within a building. ROCKWOOL products are fire retardant, offer resistance to moisture and are strong thermal conductors. Overall delivering insulation defence on four fronts.

For more information on ROCKWOOL’s acoustic benefits visit the ROCKWOOL website Furthermore head to ROCKWOOL UK’s YouTube channel for useful insight into the product and what it can achieve. Follow ROCKWOOL on Twitter – @ROCKWOOLUK


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