Everything for flat roofs: new products and expertise

Posted on March 3, 2016 by CCF





If you’re working on a flat roof – building a new one or repairing an old one – we’re the team to save you time and help you produce a more watertight installation. By bringing in new products from Kingspan, EcoTherm and ROCKWOOL, and building on our in­-house insulation expertise, we’ve become a one­-stop-shop for all things connected with flat roofs.

Our selection of flat­ roof products is versatile and broad ­ranging. It includes membranes and fixings as well as thermal and acoustic materials. And since no flat roof should be truly flat, we’ve partnered with Building Innovation to offer a complete service for installations involving tapered insulation.

Speak to a roofing champion

For the best advice on materials and techniques speak to one of our roofing champions. A selection of branches now have their own flat ­roof expert, someone who’s trained in the techniques and materials, and ready to pass on their knowledge. They, in turn, are supported by a head­ office team dedicated to supporting large contracts and framework agreements.

Annemarie Shotton, Category Manager at CCF, says: “Customer research revealed the need for flat ­roof products and reliable know­ how. So we partnered with the market­ leading brands, Kingspan, ROCKWOOL, and EcoTherm, to develop the service. We extended our product range and invested in staff expertise to help customers improve efficiency and manage their budgets. We’re now a flat ­roof, one-­stop-shop.”

During 2016 we’ll be rolling out the concept across our nationwide network. We’ll be training more branch roofing champions and increasing the range of flat­ roofing products in each branch. Contact your local branch to find out when it will have its first flat ­roof champion.

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