CCF partner with Promat on Passive Fire Protection


Posted on October 5, 2015 by CCF


Promat is a market leader in passive fire protection, offering protective boards for just about every situation. CCF have partnered with Promat, amongst other leading brands ROCKWOOL and TBA Textiles, to provide our customers with a comprehensive range to meet all their passive fire protection needs.

Promat’s product range covers a wide range of applications, from a 30-minute multi-purpose board for internal partitions, to a 240 minute board for fire protection to structural steelwork.


Promat SUPALUX® has been proving its worth for over 30 years. This lightweight, non-combustible building board provides numerous advantages for fire-resisting and general purpose building applications. Promat SUPALUX® offers from 30 minutes up to 240 minutes fire resistance, is moisture and impact-resistant and can withstand working temperatures of up to 80°C.

- Available in a range of board sizes and thicknesses

- Suitable for multiple applications, including slim constructions

- Easy to cut, drill and shape

- Early installation for faster build

- Excellent dimensional stability

- No-combustible calcium silicate board


Promat MASTERBOARD® is ideal for a wide range of internal and semi-exposed applications. This versatile board offers up to 30 minutes fire resistance and is unaffected by the effects of moisture. The board is easy to work with and easy to finish, it takes paint and other finishes with ease or can be left undecorated.

Multi-purpose board offering up to 30 minutes fire resistance

Withstands high humidity – will not deteriorate in damp or humid locations

Easy to cut, drill, and shape

  • Finish with paints, wallpapers, or tiles – or leave undecorated

Promat PROMATECT®-250

For strength and dimensional stability, whilst protecting structural steelwork and mezzanine floors, choose PROMATECT®-250. This lightweight, non-combustible, mineral-bound board offers up to 120 minutes fire resistance.

  • Provides a high degree of strength, dimensional stability and fire performance to structural steelwork

  • A quickly installed solution for the fire protection of mezzanine floors

  • Strong and dimensionally stable

  • Lightweight and easy to work and fix with conventional woodworking tools

  • Good finish – smooth matt upper surface and off-white colour

  • Class 0 calcium silicate board


Please note: this product is not available in every branch

If still you’re unsure which product is best for your application, talk to the team at your local CCF branch.

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