Fire-Stopping for Pipes and Service Voids

Posted on June 11, 2015 by CCF


CCF now offers four superb fire-stopping ranges from ROCKWOOL to help you maintain the integrity of fire-rated walls penetrated by pipework and other services. ROCKWOOL’s Ablative Coated Batts, Intumescent Fire Sleeves, Firestop Pipe Collars, and Intumescent Pipe Wraps seal the fire routes created whenever you run services through a fire-resistant wall.

The four products help you maintain the integrity of fire-resistant walls in real-world situations. They let you place services in the most logical or efficient locations without compromising safety or building regulations. We’re stocking them at CCF because we know that our customers trust us to provide a complete solution for all types of insulation and drylining solutions.

Ablative Coated Batts

The coating on these batts, combined with the integral fire performance of stone wool, slows the progress of a fire. The batts provide insulation as well as maintaining fire-resistance integrity. The batts act as an air-seal barrier to reinstate the fire resistance and acoustic performances of concrete floors, masonry walls and drywall systems.

- Up to 4 hours of fire performance (dependent on thickness and service penetration)

- Lightweight and simple to install

- No maintenance require

- Tested for airtightness

Intumescent Fire Sleeves

These fire sleeves provide thermal, acoustic and fire benefits for thermally insulated pipes in cases where the insulation is removed to make way for fire collars and wraps. Removal of insulation can lead to heat loss or condensation problems.

- Maintains pipe insulation at penetration points

- Thermal and acoustic benefits

- Up to 2 hours of fire resistance

Firestop Pipe Collars

These pipe collars are used for retrofitting plastic pipes in fire-resistant walls and floors. Tested to BS476: Part 20, they provide a choice of two or four hours of fire protection.

- Options for up to 2 and 4 hours of fire protection

- Water-resistant

- Available for pipe sizes from 55 to 355mm OD

- No maintenance required

Intumescent Pipe Wraps

Intumescent Pipe Wraps are a cost-effective alternative to Firestop Pipe Collars. During a fire, the wrap swells to seal any void tight. Use them to wrap plastic pipes and electrical trunking.

- Options for up to 2 and 4 hours of fire protection

- No mechanical fixings

- Water-resistant

- Fits most electrical trunking sizes

- No maintenance required


All four product ranges are available from your local CCF branch. Visit our site for more details