High-performance passive fire protection textiles from FIREFLY

Posted on March 9, 2015 by CCF



FIREFLY fire barriers are flexible, lightweight, and easy to install. They provide simple compartmentation to stop fire and smoke spreading quickly through the roof and ceiling voids in settings that have traditionally been the preserve of mineral fibre fire barriers. Our four top products are:

-   FIREFLY Plus 60: 120 minutes fire integrity and 38 minutes insulation; 10mm thick; 2.2kg/m2

-   FIREFLY Titan: 120 minutes fire integrity and 60 minutes insulation; 15mm thick; 3.9kg/m2

-   FIREFLY Phoenix: up to 113 minutes protection against fire and smoke; 0.4mm thick; 440g/m2

-   FIREFLY Vulcan: 60 minutes fire integrity and 20 minutes insulation; 6mm thick; 1.8kg/m2


All textiles are 1.3m wide and, with one exception, come in fixed lengths of 6m with a coverage of 7.8m2. The exception is FIREFLY Phoenix, which comes in rolls of 10m or 25m. Some offer a degree of acoustic insulation too. By doubling up textiles or combining them with other insulation materials, you can achieve an even better fire or acoustic performance.

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