Product Focus: Knauf ProRoll

Posted on July 12, 2017 by CCF



Roller-applied plaster that is suitable for a perfect finish over existing smooth or textured backgrounds.

Knauf ProRoll, is a new roller applied finishing solution that is an alternative to traditional plastering methods. Quick and easy to use, it is ideal for residential and small to medium size applications, for plasterboard backgrounds or smoothing textured finishes in refurbishment projects, improving the legacy ceilings of the 70s and 80s.

The ProRoll range consists of the ProRoll Max and ProRoll Light.

ProRoll Max

ProRoll Max has great filling properties that provides a base on textured or uneven backgrounds. When using ProRoll Max apply up to 4mm (maximum 2mm per coat) and then finish with ProRoll Light.



ProRoll Light

ProRoll Light is quick and easy to apply as it is ready-mixed to the perfect consistency. ProRoll Light is used for smooth backgrounds e.g. (plasterboard) or as a finishing coat over Knauf ProRoll Max and is applied in coats of 1mm up to a maximum of 3mm as required, for an exceptionally smooth finish apply additional thin skim-coat.



Key features include

- Quick and easy to use, no need to be a skilled plasterer

- 12 months shelf-life

- Superior marble finish

- Fast drying time

- Excellent filling and finishing properties

- Quick to apply with a medium pile roller directly from the tub

- Pre-mixed so little mess

- Reduced waste

- Less physical exertion required than traditional methods

For more information view the ProRoll video below.