Knauf Launches NEW Jointing Range

Posted on: 11th July 2018 by CCF


Knauf has launched its new range of powdered joint fillers and finishes, they give improved workability for contractors and provide a vastly improved finish for follow-on trades.

Joint Filler Premium & Joint Cement Premium provide bedding and finishing for joint tape respectively but the Fill and Finish Premium is used for both applications.

The Premium products were developed following extensive research with contractors, to understand the characteristics needed from a perfect jointing range.

The result is an easy to use range with a finer finish, great coverage and consistent working times.

The Fill and Finish product is available as a 30 or 60 minute working time – ideal for smaller projects.  With an eye to the skilled DIY-er, this product is also available in 5kg or 10kg bags.

Knauf Joint Cement Premium for finishing joints by hand, gives an exceptional finish requires minimal sanding.  Site trials indicate a significant advance on alternatives available in the market and is ideal for larger contracts.

Knauf Joint Filler is also proving popular for larger projects, where 90 minute working time should eliminate waste caused by premature setting in the bucket.

All three products are in powder form, for mixing on-site and a key characteristic of the new formulation is the extended shelf life.  All now offer at least 9 months, giving greater flexibility for contractors.

The Jointing range pairs brilliantly with Knauf plasterboard products and their investment in research and development, is an indication of Knauf’s commitment to developing system-based solutions for the contractor market.

All are available now.

Contact your local branch today for more information or request a quote now on any of our products.