Building Homes with Better Acoustic Performance

Posted on: 9th July 2018 by CCF


The most recent Government National Noise Attitude Survey found that 48 per cent of British people felt their home life was spoilt to some extent by noise; which highlights the importance of good sound insulation – and offers housebuilders an opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Saint-Gobain’s UK Home, Health and Wellbeing Report suggests that one of the most common features homebuyers attribute to an ideal home is low levels of noise and peaceful surroundings. Internal and neighbouring noise can be a problem, particularly in densely populated areas. The minimum requirement for separating walls between new dwellings under Building Regulations Part E (England and Wales) and Section 5 (Scotland) is to reduce airborne sound by 45dB across party walls. With this level of sound insulation people would still hear loud speech in the neighbouring property. However, there are products available on the market that can help to exceed these standards to ensure a higher quality build. Isover’s Robust Detail specifications with their RD Party wall roll can offer a sound reduction of at least 5dB more than those required by Approved Document E, whilst providing the best possible level of thermal performance.

Specifying glass mineral wool in particular, can significantly improve the acoustics of a building and can help housebuilders surpass Building Regulations, if specified correctly. Glass mineral wool offers a range of benefits; it is lightweight, easy to install, non-combustible, sustainable, provides effective thermal performance and most importantly it absorbs sound and drastically reduces the transfer of noise.




Isover’s range of acoustic glass mineral wool products – such as Acoustic Partition Roll 1200 (APR 1200) help to prevent sound travelling internally through partitions and floors. RD Party Wall Roll and Timber Frame Party Wall Roll help to reduce the passage of sound across party walls in neighbouring properties and Metac, the new high performance glass mineral wool thermal and acoustic insulation for pitched roof application, reduces the transfer of noise from external sources for loft living spaces.

The hustle and bustle of modern life is putting a premium on peace and quiet, with homeowners placing increasing value on homes that offer superior acoustic properties. For housebuilders, a home that performs beyond current acoustic regulations is a differentiator – a mark of a good quality build. By incorporating better acoustic insulation at the specification stage, it can make a significant improvement in terms of creating a quiet, peaceful environment for all.

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