Guest Blog OWA – Limitless freedom for your own style

Posted on March 6, 2017 by CCF



Numerous combination possibilities – good acoustics: With FreeStyle ceiling baffles and wall absorbers from OWA, it is possible to create individual, unique interior landscapes.

FreeStyle – it connects creative impetus with the readiness to tread new paths and combines the need to set your own accents with an open, spacious sense of style. Baffles and wall absorbers from the OWA FreeStyle series transport this feeling into the spatial realm. The combination possibilities resulting from these two element groups are simply inexhaustible with the extra dimensions of horizontal, vertical or even trapezoidal planes.

Thanks to the adjustable suspension, FreeStyle baffles hang from thin wires kept “free” from the ceiling and give the ceiling area, and along with it, the entire room, an entirely unique and very impressive character. This is because the ceiling-to-floor effect of the suspended baffles is carried over into the room from the walls by the FreeStyle absorbers. In different sizes and shapes, they can transform any wall in the room into a 3D surface and that way literally create a “moving” room experience! The carefully colour-coordinated and geometrically-matched elements of the FreeStyle collection signify this high degree of individual design freedom.

Ceiling baffles are offered in three sizes, which have different heights (200/400/600 m) with the same width (1200 mm) and depth (40 mm).

The FreeStyle wall absorbers enable many geometric variation possibilities. They range includes rectangular version (FreeStyle R = 1200 x 600) and two square variations (FreeStyle Q = 1200 x 1200 mm and FreeStyle QS = 600 x 600 mm). In addition, there are two trapezoidal elements that share the same dimensions (1200 x 400 x 40 mm or 20 mm) with different orientation. FreeStyle TL runs diagonally up in a trapezoidal shape, and FreeStyle TR runs diagonally down in a trapezoidal shape.

A special feature of the FreeStyle series is its good absorption capability. Noise and sounds are swallowed with an absorption level of up to 90 %. Good design comes together with effective control of reverberation, especially important in potentially noisy areas such as in conference rooms and classrooms in order to realise good speech intelligibility.

The geometric shaped absorbers are faced with high-quality fabric in four standard colours – red, beige, brown and dark-brown – which creates a further, aesthetically effective connection between the ceiling and wall elements of the OWA FreeStyle system. FreeStyle thinking is rediscovered here, because via the different shapes and arrangements, interior designers are given additional possibilities to combine the different room elements according to their own tastes and styles.


However, FreeStyle would not be freestyle if the system couldn’t move with the times and react flexibly to desires for change. Has your sense of style changed, or would you like to breathe new life into the interior design? The uncomplicated installation and removal of the FreeStyle wall absorbers, for example, make the changes you want easily possible at any time. To do this, the existing elements simply have to be lifted off, and the new ones put in their place according to your notions of colour or style. The overwhelming impact of the wall system can then come with your client as they reorganise their layouts or move to new premises. Existing elements can be removed effortlessly, including the connection components, and then be reinstalled in the new rooms.