Product Focus: Knauf Sliding Doors

Posted on February 5, 2018 by CCF



At CCF we provide you with the best quality products and we know that the Knauf Sliding Doors is one of them. The kit has everything you need in one box, which allows for installation of doors that slide into the cavity of a partition and are designed to fit UK metal stud sizes.

Product Features

- One person installation

- 20 minutes installation time

- Each kit contains a soft close mechanism as standard

- Fully warranted

- Only product to be UK stud size

- Kits can be adapted to suit 70mm and 92mm studs without the need for packaging the frame out

- Option of a Synchro kit which opens two doors at once


There is even an installation video available, shown below.


Product Benefits

Allows for a flexible room layout

- Space saving

- Fast and effective to install

- Time and labour saving

- Already in UK stud sizes

- Innovative in its application – doors can be hung post installation of pocket door kit

- All parts supplied in one box



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