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Waste Management

Burying waste in the ground is neither resource nor carbon-efficient, not to mention, expensive. The best solution for the environment is to produce less waste and send none of it to landfill.

That's what we're doing. By the end of 2014, the Travis Perkins Group expects to send 90% less waste to landfill than it did in 2005. The target is to send zero waste to landfill by 2017. Here at CCF, we segregate over 20 different waste streams for reuse or recycling. In fact we recycle more than 80% of our waste.

You too can tap into our waste-management expertise. Our waste-management solutions give you the power to be a responsible waste contractor, providing a tailored service to the interiors trade, and confidence that your waste is being handled in accordance with the regulations.

Our nationwide waste and recycling service includes Hippobags, skip hire, and wheelie bins. It's ideal for drywall and ceilings waste, and comes with all the expertise and advice you expect from CCF.

To find out more, visit your local branch or call our waste-management team on 0844 892 2574.