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Partitioning from Sektor

Discover your Perfect Space 

Sektor is a comprehensive partitioning solution offering specifiers, installers and end-users complete freedom of configuration: single or double glazed, frameless full-height, and just about any combination of fully glazed, part-glazed and solid partitioning.

Complete interior solution

To make it easier for you to install a complete interior to suit any project tender that comes your way, Sektor gives you everything you need from partitioning and ceilings to storage and washrooms:

  • Sektor Partitioning: Sektor 30, Sektor 90, Sektor 115, Sektor Excel and Sektor Nuvo
  • Sektor Glazing
  • Sektor Blinds & Graphics
  • Sektors Doors and Ironmongery
  • Sektor Ceilings
  • Walls & Frames
  • Sektor Washrooms

Stockists and Showrooms

Wherever you are in the UK, Sektor is ready for your next project. They offer UK-wide availability through all of our CCF branches. With more than 20 CCF branches specialist stockists meaning they have specialists in branch and keep many products and components in stock at all times. However Sektor can be ordered through all CCF branches.

To see Sektor at its best, visit one of their showrooms at CCF East London, CCF Heathrow and CCF Southampton. To arrange a visit, speak to your local branch.

The Sektor Partitioning Range

Sektor 30

Sektor 30 is a slimline partitioning system with clean aesthetic lines and outstanding performance. A key feature of Sektor 30 is its minimal, dry-glazed joints. They create clear connections between glass panels that make Sektor 30 installation appear all but invisible. 

Sektor 90

Simple to install, Sektor 90 goes up quickly and can be easily dismantled for relocation. A range of simple, elegant posts easily allows for transition from glass to solid and vise-versa, while a wrap-around door frame profile accepts solid or glazed partitioning.

Sektor 115

Sektor 115 is a resilient partitioning system with a frameless look and supurb performance. The strong yet slender profile provides an elegant appearance combined with market-leading performance.

Sektor Excel & Sektor Nuvo

Sektor Excel is a modular system that's quick and easy to install and to demount for subsequent relocation. It offers a good range of glazing options - single centre, single offset or double-glazed - using glass up to a maximum thickness of 7mm. Use it wherever the emphasis is on simplicity and efficiency - where the everyday needs of a business comes first.

If ever there was a partitioning design classic, this is it. Sektor Nuvo is the latest evolution of our performance-led partitioning range. From and engineering point of view, you can't fault Sektor Nuvo. This is tried-and-tested, relocatable system has been the backbone of the British working enviroment for a quater of a century. Our design upgrades usher in a cleaner look and simpler installation. 

For more information on the rest of the Sektor range including glazing, blinds & graphics, doors & ironmongery, ceilings, walls & frames and washrooms speak to your local CCF branch.

Alternatively visit www.sektorinteriors.com, where you can also download the Sektor Product Range Guide and technical library.