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Partitioning from Sektor

Sektor is a comprehensive partitioning solution offering installers complete freedom of configuration: single or double glazed, frameless full-height, and just about any combination of fully glazed, part-glazed, and solid partitioning.

Complete interior solution
To make it easier for you to install a complete interior to suit any project tender that comes your way, Sektor gives you everything you need from partitioning to storage to washrooms:

  • Sektor Partitioning: Sektor 85, Sektor 25, Sektor 50 Excel, Sektor 128 Circum Core, 
  • Sektor Easyfit Frames
  • Sektor Doors and Ironmongery
  • Sektor Movable Walls
  • Sektor ClicWall
  • Sektor Storage Wall
  • Sektor Shelving
  • Sektor Washrooms

Speedy installation using partitioning direct from stock
Sektor simplifies interiors for everyone. Materials are available nationwide through selected branches of CCF. Many are already in stock or available for next-day delivery. For installers who want to get to know Sektor partitioning better, there are free training courses available.

Sektor brings public and private buildings to life. It's beautiful, practical, fast, and cost-effective. It's a complete range of finished working interiors for huge range of applications.


Sektor 85
Frameless full-height, double-glazed partitioning system
A versatile solid and double-glazed aluminium partitioning system. Provides fully glazed frameless partitions with or without vertical mullions, or almost any combination of full-height glazing with solid and part-glazed modules.

Sektor 25
Frameless, single-glazed re-locatable partitioning system
Streamlined, frameless single-glazed partitioning system with slender aluminium components just 27.5mm deep by 24.6mm wide. Install with clear I-Line PETg dry-glazing joints to create feature glass walls with clean lines and outstanding clarity.

Sektor 128 Circum Core
Full-height, hardwood double-glazed partitioning system
Elegant double-glazed, pre-polished hardwood partitioning in a range of warm timber finishes. With only seven main components, including the unique Circum Core circular corner post, the system is quick and easy to install.

Sektor 50 Excel
Solid full or partially glazed partitioning system
A simple, economical and attractive way to divide working environments. Incorporates single or double-glazing and solid or part-glazed elements with 46mm thick honeycomb panels for solid infills.


Sektor includes a comprehensive range of doors, frames, and ironmongery to complete your partitioning installation, as well as moveable walls, storage walls, washrooms, shelving and ClicWall interior cladding.


To find out more, visit the Sektor website where you can order a brochure and download technical data. Or visit your nearest branch of CCF.
You can also see the entire range at our specialist Sektor showroom at CCF Heathrow.

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